Congratulations! You have a child to be baptized.

Follow these few steps to prepare for that special day:

  • Parents attend a brief class on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. There is no need to rsvp; however, check the monitors and bulletin announcements in case the date has changed for any extraordinary reason. 
  • Come to the east side of the building and go to the small chapel in the back of the church. We will be there to greet you.
  • Fill out the paperwork that we need to record the Baptism and create the certificate.
  • Walk through the process of the Baptism.
  • Both parents should attend if both are Catholic. (children may come)
  • godparents are encouraged to come. 

FAQ: Do godparents need to be Catholic? One must be Catholic and this one Catholic godparent needs to be practicing their faith, (if Married) married in the Catholic Church, confirmed themselves and over the age of 16. The second godparent does not have to be Catholic provided that they are not married to a Catholic outside of the church. 

To gain information about the baptismal class:

Contact Fr. Nicholas Ashmore
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To schedule a baptism, after attending the class:

Contact Susan Havranek
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In the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, the recommended age for First Eucharist is in second grade. Children may receive at other ages and adults are encouraged to attend RCIA classes. More information on the adult program may be found on the home page under Becoming Catholic.

1st Reconciliation & 1st Communion Information for 2019-2020 Coming Soon



The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available on Saturdays from 3:30--4:30 PM.

Reconciliation services with individual confessions are celebrated during Advent and Lent. Individual confession is also available during Lent on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 PM.  

For information about 1st Reconciliation please go to the 1st Communion page. 


Welcome to those who seek the sacrament of confirmation

Confirmation deepens our relationship with the Holy Spirit and with the faith community
In Confirmation  we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit & these strengthen us to be disciples of Jesus

Teens in both the parish school and religious education program celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation during their 8th grade year. This Sacrament completes the process of initiation into the Catholic faith tradition, and begins an exciting new phase in the lifelong faith journey of our young people.

  • Preparation for the reception of the sacrament takes place in the classroom and with families.
  • Teens are expected to attend a confirmation retreat. 
  • Each family is expected to participate in activities of Christian Service.
  • Helpful documents are posted below, including an outline of all requirements as well as necessary documents for service projects and sponsors.

Miguel Hernandeze


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Marriage and Matrimony

Archdiocesan regulations require couples to contact the Pastor at least nine months prior to the proposed wedding date. After an initial interview with the Pastor, the couple will be involved in the pre-marriage process, which will be explained in the introductory session. An overview of the various fees will be discussed as well.
A Wedding Coordinator will be assigned to assist with the wedding environment and the couple will meet with the Music Director to select music according to Archdiocesan guidelines.

Contact Susan Havranek
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Holy Orders

If you are discerning a call to the priesthood or religious life, there are many resources available to you.

  • You may contact Fr. Kent O'Connor  at 913-631-7116
  • Contact someone from the Serra Club - Steve Imm at 913-268-4546
  • Visit the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas vocations website where there are many more resources and articles on discernment to the priesthood.

Anointing of the Sick

This Sacrament is not only for those who are at the point of death but for anyone who is seriously ill, including mental or spiritual illness.  It is a community-based sacrament although it can be privately administered as well. The Sacrament is administered here at Good Shepherd at all Masses twice a year or at your home or hospital upon your request. Please call the church office at 913-631-7116 to make arrangements.

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